Aerial Photography in Northants

If you are looking for Aerial Photography in Northants then give us a call. Whether you are surveying, need some Aerial Photography PR or are trying to sell a house in Northants then we can help.

Overshoot Photos is a CAA Certified Aerial Photographer providing aerial photographs and aerial video in Birmingham from a remote controlled heavy lift drone (UAV). Unlike fixed-mast systems, we can take photographs from any angle, over any terrain and can take live motion video. Unlike masts, which stop at about 90 feet, we can fly up to the CAA limit of 400 feet (125 metres).

We can photograph using colour, black & white, Thermal Imaging and 4K HD video cameras. We can shoot high-up and inaccessible places. We use environmentally friendly battery powered motors which are also much quieter than petrol powered craft. We carry full Public Liability Insurance. What more could you ask for?

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