Thermal Imaging Aerial Photography

looking to minimise heat loss? Looking for stress points? Inacessible from the ground? Scaffolding and Cherry Pickers too expensive or awkward? Why not use Overshoot's Drone complete with FLIR Thermal imaging camera?

How much does it cost? Check out our Pricing page to find out.

Thermal imaging Aerial photograph  Thermal imaging Aerial photograph  Colour Thermal imaging Aerial photograph

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Calling around for a quote?

If you are looking for a Quotation for Aerial work, make sure that your supplier is Certified by the CAA / EuroUSC. No Certification = illegal Business = invalid insurance. It is easy to strap a camera to something that flies and charge for Aerial Photography but without Certification and Insurance you have no protection should anything go wrong.

Also, ask the Operator what sort of camera they use. Many hobbyist drones (such as the DJI Phantom) can only carry a Go Pro camera, which has its limitations. We use a Nikon DSLR and Panasonic GH4 cameras that produce excellent quality and depth of colour.

Panasonic GH4Nikon D5100Go Pro

Why use Overshoot Photos?

Overshoot Photos has been certified with the CAA since day 1 and carries full PL insurance cover - certificate copies available upon request at Booking time.

Call us now - 0808 164 4005 - 7 days a week.