Aerial Surveys and Inspections

Leaking roof? Falling masonry? Looking to purchase and want an inspection of an inaccessible roof?

Use a drone to capture the detail in Real Time from the ground and save the images for future reference. No more Working at Heights Directives. No more expensive and slow scaffolding or Cherry pickers. We can be set up and flying at your location within half an hour of arriving.

Overshoot Photos is a CAA Certified Aerial Photographer providing aerial photography and aerial video from a remote controlled UAV

  • We can take elevated aerial photography and aerial video using colour, black & white, infra-red (Thermal Imaging) and 1080HD / 4K video cameras
  • Unlike fixed-mast systems, Overshoot Photos can take aerial photographs from any angle, over any terrain and can take live motion aerial video. Unlike masts, which stop at about 90 feet, we can fly up to the CAA limit of 400 feet (125 metres)
  • We use environmentally friendly battery powered motors which are also much quieter than petrol powered craft.
  • We carry full Public Liability Insurance, CSCS cards and full RAMS are available where needed.
  • We can fly lower and get more detailed shots than a manned aeroplane or helicopter – at a far lower rate
  • We can fly higher than the highest mast and, at all heights, we can shoot at all angles, including those that a mast cannot obtain. No more contrived and distorted mast shots taken from a hard standing – Overshoot gets the angle that you want

What more could you ask for?


If you are looking for a Quotation for Aerial work, make sure that your supplier is Certified by the CAA / EuroUSC. No Certification = illegal Business = invalid insurance. It is easy to strap a camera to something that flies and charge for Aerial Photography but without Certification and Insurance you have no protection should anything go wrong.

Also, ask the Operator what sort of camera they use. Many hobbyist drones (such as the DJI Phantom) can only carry a Go Pro camera, which has its limitations. We use a Nikon DSLR and Panasonic GH4 cameras that produce excellent quality and depth of colour.

Panasonic GH4Nikon D5100Go Pro

Why use Overshoot Photos?

The Company behind Overshoot (Pulse Corporation Ltd) has been in existence since 1997. We are not a ‘fly by night’ and have plenty of clients on our books. You can see Corporate information at Companies House
Overshoot has been taking Aerial Photographs since 2009
We do not use a GoPro camera strapped to something out of Maplin. We use a 16MPx Nikon DSLR 5100 with a choice of lenses giving you a much better quality of image. This is mounted on a heavy-lift Vulcan Drone with built-in stabilisation, GPS and video link.
We do not normally charge per photograph, only our time. That way, we can supply you with all that we shoot and you can choose what to use. (The exception being if a commercial reproduction licence or prints are needed)
Rapid response. We could get to you the same day if not already committed.
Overshoot Photos has been certified with the CAA since day 1 and carries full PL insurance cover – certificate copies available upon request at Booking time.